Saturday, September 5, 2009

One of those things

Have you ever started a project and right from the start everything goes wrong. Thats what happened to me and these two dolls. I was so excited when I found this pattern at goodwill for 99c. It said that one of these dolls would take less than a day! Fantastic I thought, my daughter and niece will love these. So I pull out this fabric that I have had for years and start. First I trace the patterns onto freezer paper, that took me several hours but ok. Then I sew the dolls body and arms. My daughter and I start to stuff them and run out of stuffing before we finish the first one. The next day we go and get more stuffing and finish. Then I had to sew them all closed then sew arms and legs to dolls. Now we are on day 3! I finally start to sew the outfits. I start with the pants first, they seemed the easiest. Well I was mistaken. I have never really sewn clothes before so almost ever time I sewed a seam I had to pull it out and do it 'correctly'. The same thing with the dress and apron. Now a week later, remember I was thinking this was a day project, I attempt the hats. I call my mom on the webcam and have her walk me through it. The hat which I thought would be the hardest ended up not so bad. So now they are done and I don't think I will be making anymore for awhile. I am pretty happy with how they turned out though. My daughter loves hers and I'm sure my niece will too. Ok I think I'm done complaining :-).